A Clean-air Solution for Any Application

Keller sets high standards for air filtration by reviewing the needs from each process with industry experts.
This means we provide solutions for a high-quality life: healthier people, efficient processes for better products, and a cleaner environment.

Don't settle for "getting-by," use Keller's 3-to-Clean process to find a solution designed for you.

Air Filtration Process1. Select Your Process

At your manufacturing plant, machines do different processes and produce different parts.

If different equipment can be used to make a product, why purchase a "one-size-fits-all" safety feature without cross-checking your requirements? At Keller, we review your application details and provide you with an optimized solution based on a century's worth of air filtration expertise (and regulations, of course).

Get started by selecting "Your Process" from above for additional information on the types of solutions Keller offers for your application.

2. View Recommended ProductsKeller's Product Portfolio Preview

Within each application, "Your Process," a section is provided to describe Keller's most common solutions for air filtration systems within that particular manufacturing environment.

Don't see your process? Not to worry, a Keller Pro can help tailor a solution to fit your needs, just skip to Step 3.

3. Contact a Pro with Your Requirements

Last, but never least, consult with a Keller expert. When you are ready to discuss filtration options for your facility, provide details of your process and let a Keller Pro take it from there!


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