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Mar.2019: Customized solution for clean air in plastics production

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GKN Dust Collector

Oct.2015: Efficient solution for the milling of carbon aircraft flaps at GKN Aerospace

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eLine with Support

May.2015: eLine electrostatic separator: Highest 24/7 efficiency in foundries

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Energy Efficiency Trade Show

Mar.2015: "Energy efficiency is the sum total of many individual efforts"

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ProPipePlus - Explosion Protection

Jan.2015: Metal Processing: Certified explosion protection for air pollution control
systems (ProPipePlus)

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Keller launches DustOff Products at Fabtech 2019, Chicago

DustOff Gust

Tracking dust outside of the manufacturing space? Employees cleaning off with compressed air guns? Both of these are common practice in many manufacturing environments. These practices, however, are dispersing dust into the air and further contaminating non-manufacturing areas. Whether direct or indirect, employees are unnecessarily exposed to hazardous dusts.

Stop dust in its tracks with DustOff Gust, Keller’s new clean air cabin. At breaks, before clocking out, or when things get a little messy, employees can safely “DustOff” in the enclosed cabin without sending hazardous particles back into the facility.


DustOff Blast

Replacing filters is a costly endeavor, particularly for applications with high-volumes of dust, so companies often resort in attempting to clean filters for re-use. However, manual filter cleaning results in a cloud of dust in the workplace, ineffectively removes fine dust particles from filter media, and has a high potential of damaging the filter surface.  It’s a laborious task that exposes personnel to unnecessary health hazards.

DustOff Blast, an automatic cartridge cleaning system, provides the most effective solution for cleaning filters, while eliminating employee and dust hazards . Environmentally friendly and safety-focused while improving the bottom line, what more can a business ask for?

Keller USA partnered with Zimmermann for 2019 Open House

Keller USA, Inc. partnered with Zimmermann, Inc. for their Hall of Champions, first open house in Wixom, MI.  Zimmermann hit it out of the park with their FZ33 Compact, 5-axis portal milling machine. With its sleek design and precise process the FZ33 Compact is perfect for machining aluminum and composite materials. To compliment the machine’s effectiveness for wet machining, Keller paired the ENA-S, a mist collection system designed with individual machining centers in mind. The ENA-S provides a four-stage filtration which cleans dirty air using a combination of inertia, screening effect, coalescence, and diffusion, all with a low noise level, < 72 dB(A), and ergonomic floor-access to all filtration stages.

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Open House Dates:  July 24th – 25th, 2019