Automatic adjusting, monitoring & regulating of airflow

Typically, central extraction systems are manually balanced to the target airflow at each pickup by dampers during the commissioning of the systems.  However, this target airflow at the pickup does not remain a constant value as system changes over time (ie. filter loading) impact the balance of the system.

To make the system smart, the Keller ProFix is installed in place of each damper and is programmed to maintain a target airflow.  The ProFix measures the operating airflow and automatically readjusts to maintain a constant flow.  The system can further be improved to achieve energy savings by regulating the target airflow through demand-based airflow management.

  • Constantly monitor airflow for critical operations
  • Maintain constant target airflow 
  • Automatically adjust airflow based on operation
  • Communicate with collecter VFD to reduce energy consumption
  • Lower collector sizing requirement